Stockholm City in the Summer

Visiting Stockholm during the summertime?  Here’s a quick guide to walking around the main city areas:  Innerstan, Gamla Stan, and Södermalm. This is not a detailed list of things to do because really it’s up to you where you want to go. But walking the city is the best.

Plan for lots of walking the city but the good news is that Stockholm is a pretty small city.
Begin with a walk around central city starting at Sergels Torg, the water fountain across from Kulturhuset.  Walk along the main street, Hamnagatan, where the major shopping area is.  There is Gallerian Mall, NK (Nordiska Kompaniet) the fasionable department store – like Nordstroms, and the Stockholm Tourist Office.  As you walk along Hamnagatan you will pass Kungstragården a fountain and sitting area.  Many concerts and outdoor events take place here.  Continue walking to Strandvägen (the street changes name) which is the docking area for the ferry boats.  On the left, the Stockholm theater house sits.

Crossing Strandvägen is a larger street called Birger Jarlsgatan.  It runs through Östermalm, the finest district of Stockholm.  You can see the fine shops and dining as well as experience stekare swedes.   There are lot of fun small streets off of Birger Jarlsgatan ( Nybrogatan and Grev Turegatan) and a wonderful park, Humlegården.

After walking through Östermalm, head back to Sergels Torg.  Check out the shopping area near Hötorget (the hay market) and the big deparment store Ahleans.  From there you can walk down Drottningatan towards Gamla Stan.

Gamla Stan:
Gamla Stan, Stockholm, HDR
In Gamla Stan, take a walking tour of the island. Visit the Rikshuset, Nobel Museum, and the small streets. Some of these streets are so narrow only two people fit in.  In the 1700s, Gamla Stan had around 700 bars and restaurants.  I don’t know how they fit all those little bars, but evidently it work.   Your can also take a ghost tour on Saturdays around sunset time.


After Gamla Stan, walk to the next island called Södermalm. At Slussen, which is right on the water facing Gamla Stan take the elevator up to Gondelen, for an overlooking view of the city. Then walk along the water on the northern side of the island so you can view the rest of the city.

After seeing the water side of Södermalm, head to Götgatan, a North-South running street crossing the whole island. Plenty of shops, stores, bars and cafes to see. Check out Medborgaplatsen, aka Medis, a cute little square. Eat some tasty kebab food at Jerusalem Kebab. You can digress a bit and walk down Folkungagatan, a funky street full of music and instrument stores and some randomness.

If you are not tired yet, then I don’t know what’s wrong with you. Head yourself back to the hotel or where-ever you are staying, take a hot shower and then head out for a yummy dinner.

6 thoughts on “Stockholm City in the Summer”

  1. Nice guide!

    As a Sthlm habitant and ambassadeur I must add some favorites. Walk, walk and walk around the islands is my recommendation.

    -I prefer the 9km walk around Kungsholmen because of the variation in geography. You have the Strandvägen of Kungsholmen – Norr Mälarstrand – with its boat bars and beautiful people, you have the calmness of Marieberg, and the view from the cliffs of Fredhälls then you continue to the most western parts and the cute dirt road along Kristineberg. After the zick zack through the building sites you continue back to the brick monster Stadshuset by walking Kungsholms strand with its canous and sea birds.

    – Skeppsholmen, short and dramatic close to the centre. Don´t miss the Moma…

    – Djurgården, long walk with fancy villas close to the water and lots of wannabe runners. Many places for a nice picnic.

    – Södermalm, lots of funky and trendy people and many different things to see, a bit like Kungsholmen runt.

  2. If you love small clean beautiful islands, Stockholm is the place. Even in winter, city is awesomely clean. You can literally jump from one island, fly few seconds, get bird eye view of water/ocean, trees and land on more beautiful next island. In all my travel, I never seen such a beautiful city. Even though, I love French Riviera (Nice, Cannes, Monaco), Stockholm has the charm, even in winter. In summer, it must be heaven on earth. Sapphire: I will be there next Summer. What about the flowers? Tulips?

  3. I’ve been in stockholm for the last 6 months and seen it transform from a cold dour city in the winter to probably the most beautiful city in the world in the spring and summer.
    One of my most fav places to walk is on Monteliusvägen. Its a wooden walkway just off Bastugatan on Södermalm. It looks over Söder Mälarstrand and has stunning views of the lake Mälaren towards the city hall with gamla stan to the right.

  4. Updated the walk a bit so hopefully it’s a bit more in order. But now what I wrote is not, lol.

    Thanks @gautam, that was exactly the place I was trying to figure out the other day!

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