All Work During the Swedish Summer Makes me a Dull Girl

This is it. The swedes just have to stop going on vacation all summer long. Our office is becoming more and empty as the people empty out to the countryside, or wherever it is they have their vacation. Out of 150 people, there are 50 people in the office right now. That’s only 1/3rd full or a very small glass of milk. Honestly, how does Sweden function during this period of frivolity? And how are people in necessary industries, e.g. grocery stores, taxi, bus, postal, even able to handle work? When do they go on vacation? They have five weeks too, it must be somewhere.

Yep, five weeks. Hear that corporate America? The bane of my existence was the lack of vacation. In the US, you get 12 days of vacation; in Sweden, the law is a minimum of 25 days. That’s more than double in Sweden. Who wouldn’t want to work here then? Well, for one, if you work in the summer; it royally blows.

I am lonely here at the office, people are here and not here at the same time. One room is entirely empty; like 15 desks. And it will be empty until mid August, then the Swedes come back to reality. And right now, we have great weather in Stockholm. When Sweden has beautiful weather, you go out and run around a pole, or swim in a lake, or eat strawberries. And in this beautiful Swedish weather, I am stuck inside in the office staring at a computer screen.

But you know what. I exact revenge on the Swedes. At the beginning of September I head to California, where it will still be sunny and warm. While here in Sweden, they will all sulk over the changing weather. That’s the best way: take vacation during the Swedish winter. Maybe the all work and no play will make me a very happy person in five weeks time.

Take that Swedish summer!

7 thoughts on “All Work During the Swedish Summer Makes me a Dull Girl”

  1. Been there, done that! The most bugging detail in it is that the most of the shops and restaurants are closed too. It’s like a Groundhog day on Sunday afternoon…

  2. I arrived at Stockholm 10 days ago and I still havenĀ“t met anybody because my workmates also are on vacation. The worth is that I will be only here for two month.

  3. Haha – I hear you! But I think you still have a pretty good turn out at your office! On Friday there was three of us in my office, and that’s three out of 60, of which one was a summer help! Incredible. But you’re doing exactly the right thing to take off in the fall – I’m the same way. One week in August, and then two in September. The rest of the days will be saved for next year when I’ll be laughing merrily at their winter colds as I go sailing in New Zealand…muahahaha!

  4. @Smek – groundhog day everyday!!!

    @david – welcome to sweden and vacationland. good luck on getting anything done.

    @Emma – Whoa! you win, an amazing 1% turnout to your office. haha, we together will exact revenge on the swedes!!!

  5. I don’t mind working during the summer. The days are longer, so getting home by 5:30, I still have a nice long evening to chill and relax. And you’re right, come darkness, user your time up and go somewhere warm and work on that tan! :)

    Christmas on a beach? Sounds a lot better then Christmas in a dark Stockholm.

  6. hehe! i know, it’s like 5 people at work this week. people come in after 9am and go home by 4pm… it takes lots of “arbetsmoral” to work as usual ;)

    ps: thanks for stopping by my blog. i love your photos! i’ve just added you to my blogroll ;)

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