Swedish Summer Houses and Jellyfishes

I went to Göteborg (Gothenburg for those of you lacking the ö) for a weekend visiting Þorbjörn’s parents. This is my fifth visit to see them and it’s pretty the same deal everytime. Mom is excited we are there, dad drinks a Norrlands Guld 3.5% (the worst beer in the world, in my honest opinion), the dog plays with rocks, and we eat a lot of food. All in all, a great way to spend the weekend. If we are lucky, we can take the boat out onto the waters and see some pretty islands. I’m not lucky, the past month of sunshine disappeared and turned itself into rain and clouds. The weather gods are bastards.

But here are a few photos from where they live. It’s okay, be jealous now.
Gothenburg Boats
The view to the water from the boyfriend’s house.

Kärna summer house in Sweden
Kärna summer house in Sweden

The house on the right, under construction, is Þorbjörn’s family house. It should be 100sq meters once expansion completes.

We went to Marstrand, some pretty island that is very famous in Sweden. It required getting bundled up in waterproof materials and taking a 25 minute boat ride; which was awesome to say the least. When we arrived, there were some huge boats, sailboats that could probably compete. Those damn Norwegians, lots of money and nothing to do. On Marstrand, you can see the castle (we didn’t) and take a lovely walk around the island, we only spent an hour and half and had a beer. I saw little but still took a few photos.

Small street in Marstrand
Small street in Marstrand

Sweden on the water is amazingly beautiful. I love that Þorbjörn’s parents live on the water; it’s just amazing. Forget the city, living on the water to the ocean is way better.

The boat ride back from Marstrand was rainy, windy, and rocky. Our boat bounced quite a bit and at one point, I flew off my seat onto the floor. Next time I get a seatbelt. When we got back home, the rain vanished, of course it would, and I got to play with a jellyfish. No danger, no abuse. I just picked the little jellie and put him back in the water. He was very soft and squishy, and jelly-like (what a surprise). Must say, holding a Swedish sea jellie was the best thing of the weekend.

Holding a Jellyfish
Holding a Jellyfish

11 thoughts on “Swedish Summer Houses and Jellyfishes”

  1. Love the pictures! The place looks like a great spot for a bit of chillout time. Is it my monitor though, or is the grass in the second picture on the border of neon green?

  2. I thought about the same thing. Do you have a ‘CSI Miami’ camera available :)
    BTW, how did you see the jellyfish was a male..?

  3. Are these real pictures? Or Painted to suit the need? Brushed? I love the clean street and colorful houses. Much better looking than Boca Raton, South Florida houses.

  4. You’re really on your way to becoming a swede!

    “Those damn Norwegians, lots of money and nothing to do.”
    “The weather gods are bastards.”

    or maybe not

    Norrlands Guld 3.5% (the worst beer in the world, in my honest opinion)


  5. @Smek – hehe, it’s just a nikon d200 but any SLR will do.

    And, I have no idea if that jellyfish is male or female, I suppose I should some more research.

    @Ravi – They are real photos using a technique called HDR (high dynamic range) which blends photos of different exposures into one. They can really blow out colors but I tend to like my photos a little more bold than not.

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