How to Find a Foreign Girl in Sweden

My whole blog has been addressing the issue of dealing with Swedish boys, but what about Swedish girls or foreign girls in Sweden?   We already know how to pick up a Swedish man. How can we teach the Swedish guys to talk and meet us foreign women?  We like to complain that Swedes have no clue how to talk to foreign girls here in Sweden, so let’s give them a clue.

Ladies, here are some questions for you answer.  It helps if you are single and on the lookout for a Swede here.

  • Where do you hang out? Where do you expect to meet guys?
  • Do you expect men to make the first move or would you?
  • What cultural differences have you noticed that affects the dating scene?
  • Are you willing to go about “dating” in Sweden the Swedish way?
  • Did you come to Sweden as a love refugee and it didn’t work out? What lessons will help you meet a new man?
  • What qualities do you look for in a Swedish man?

Swedish guys, come to this post and get some tidbits of knowledge about meeting a foreign girl.

3 thoughts on “How to Find a Foreign Girl in Sweden”

  1. Not one comment here. Interesting, what we in Sweden call “talande tystnad”. In other words a good explanation to why a swedish guy with a good eye for african(-american, dark skinned, whatever) women never has any luck finding a place to meet them.
    There simply is no such place :/

  2. I found a wonderful Chinese woman here in Göteborg, we have been together for almost a year now. We are planning to move out of here though (I am Swedish and grown up here btw).
    I was sitting in the sauna one day, and joined a conversation that two foreigners in there were having. One of the guys were Chinese and was there as a foreign student (Sweden had a lot of those mainly since university education were completely free even for foreigners back then). Chinese love to eat and cook food, so he invited me over to a dinner (an unthinkable practice in Swedish culture). The food was very tasty – but more important I met this woman there. She was going to france but we kept contact through facebook, and then spent one summer week in France. That’s how we got started!
    I think Swedes have a very bad view of immigrants (of whatever kind!), which is very very sad. I have wonderful friends from allover the world.

    So if you want to get in touch with Swedish guys – look in the sauna…!

  3. Hej, Viktor that’s a really nice story. Very un-Swedish of you to accept a dinner invitation :-) It gives me hope that people will not totally freak out if I invite them for dinner once I live in Sweden.

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