KLM Lost, Delayed Baggage Information

After receiving many visitors about KLM’s customer service problems regarding baggage, here is a run down of what to do if your bags are stolen or delayed as well as baggage travel restrictions.

The basics: Baggage Allowance
Baggage allowance for any airline is a nightmare. Each region, country, airline has restrictions so who the hell knows what to do. Go with your airline you begin travel with. First thing to know with KLM, they don’t give a rat’s ass if your a Delta Platinum Elite, Elite Plus or any other high ranking frequent flyer status. Truly KLM sucks on service, especially service to their loyal members.

KLM Hand baggage:
1 piece of L55 x W25 x H35 cm MAX WEIGHT total (bag plus accessory) 12KGs
PLUS one Accessory allowance of: Briefcase, Camera, Walking stick, Umbrella, Small laptop
Business class travelers get a slightly larger allowance.

KLM Checked Baggage Allowance:

It’s a mess with this one so check out this nasty chart.

Delayed Baggage:
You must file the appropriate paperwork at the arrival destination and it’s called the Property Irregularity Report (PIR) and a photo is below. This must be done within 21 days of your arrival, otherwise your claim is null and void. Give KLM service all the information, passport copies, contact information, and contents of the bags in case customs clearance is required.

Retain all copies of information you give to KLM.

For each day your bag is delayed, you are entitled to a shopping allowance. In the US it is $50/day and in Europe it is 100EUR. Check the information paperwork KLM gave you. You will send those receipts to KLM, so email them!

If your bags are delayed for more than three days:
You should have already file a PIR and have a reference number. Now of course your bags are totally gone so there’s more paperwork.
Go here: http://www.klm.com/travel/nl_en/forms/bif.htm

To file Receipts with KLM
Email: customer.care.nordic@klm.com
Case number: You need to get a number assigned, do this as soon as possible that baggage is stolen
Claim Information required:
Specification and/or receipts of the missing cards and the first needs items purchased.

local bank account details which need to include the 4 digit clearing number and your account number. Please note that our system does not currently permit payments to international bank accounts or the use of IBAN and/or SWIFT numbers.

Send information via an attachment to your e-mail, but the system does not accept e-mails & attachments greater than 3MB.

OR mail the receipts and information to:
P.O. Box 69370
1060CK Amsterdam
The Netherlands
Tel: 08 587 99 747
Fax: +31 20 588 8250

I have to add a couple photos of my claims so you can see a sample. If I should any information here, let me know.

DISCLAIMER: I am NOT KLM airlines. I am not affiliated with KLM or Skyteam in any way (except for being a private traveler on Delta and Air France). I do not work with or know anyone at KLM. If you have problems with KLM, you must contact them yourself.

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  1. Hola, mi hijo GIANPIER PALOMINO viajó a Lima Perú el 3 de julio 2009 y el pasaje me costó 13,900 kr. se pagó esto con la condicion de llevar 30 kg mas 10 mano pero, en el aeropuerto le dijeron que solamente podía llevar 20 y 10 en mano, se tuvo que devolver una maleta a casa en el que contenia sus ropas mas algunos regalitos que en peru ya se tuvo que comprar ropa de invierno etc etc, ahora quiero saber si al retorno va suceder lo mismo mi hijo regresa el 05 de agosto 2009 a las 1800 de Lima a Suecia, comuníquenme por favor si hay manera de compensacion ahora mi hijo talvez pueda traer mas kilos talvez los 10 mas que perdió en la ida osea ya 40 en bodega y 10 en mano, espero la respuesta a la brevedad posible MUY URGENTE.
    REF. Y4PCFB.
    Edith Cuadros.

  2. Dear Sir/Madame,
    Ihave sent my claim for my lost baggage to KLM Royal Dutch AirLines on 5th August also one to Northwest Airlines on 22nd August and I still have not received a reply, please contact me as soon as possible at the email address entered or call me at Tel # 514-747 1622. My ref # is YULKL22276.
    Thanking you in advance.
    Yours Respectfully
    Gordon Kumson

  3. Dear sir/ madam,
    I have sent the papers for my lost bag to klm my claim has not been settle for the last more than one year.my file no is ahl/del/kl/28967 and tag no 744505
    ASHOK KUMAR Bhakhri
    cell no 09814083003

  4. Compensation and reimbursement for our Jamaica journey
    Travel with KLM to Jamaica, Montego Bay, via Amsterdam, New York

    KLM contacted us during the evening of the 19th of December with the information that our flight KL1225 was cancelled and therefore we needed to be in Gothenburg earlier to catch an earlier flight KL1154, which was going to leave 10.30am. However, KLM cancelled this flight KL1154 as well due to technical reasons. We got the information about the technical problem after we boarded the aircraft.

    Now we had to spend a night at a hotel in Gothenburg and KLM staff at the airport helped us to rebook our tickets to the 21st of December instead. Our new route was with Air France flight AF3219 via CDG to JFK. Our flight out of GOT AF3219 was three hours late and our connection flight AF006 CDG-JFK was in the end four hours late. The reason for the delay was also a technical problem, according to the information we got from AF staff.

    At JFK baggage reclaim, we are informed that our baggage was not loaded onto our flight. We filled in a lost baggage report at the AF service desk; it was 7.30pm in the evening. AF told us that they will send our
    baggage directly to Jamaica (Therefore we had to go out and buy some clothes to have at least one change of clothing when arriving in Jamaica.
    Our receipt for the taxi and clothes is inserted in a file). We also contacted Air Jamaica for trying to rebook our flight to Montego Bay. New tickets were to be issued and we had to be at the airport already 4.30 am to pick up our new tickets. We did not get any sleep at all that night in New York.

    On the 22nd of December at 5am, 24 hours late, Air Jamaica informed us that our tickets from JFK to Kingston are not valid anymore. We called our travel agency in Sweden who had to rebook to flight JM16 with departure time 7am, however this flight also had a technical problem and we had to leave the aircraft. During this delay we tried to call Air France baggage reclaim several times about our lost baggage. We could not get hold of any Air France representative, just an answering machine with information that Air France had problems with a high workload. Through our relatives and our travel agency in Sweden we finally got hold of our reference number: JFKAF 48844. Via our relatives Air France baggage reclaim centre in Europe let us know that we could buy some clothes until we get our baggage.

    At 12 o’clock we finally could leave JFK with flight JM0010 to Montego Bay. Just before embarking this flight we made a last attempt to call Air France and this time we were lucky. New information from Air France was that the baggage was on its way to New York.

    When arriving at Montego Bay we made another baggage claim just to make sure that they got the information about where to send our baggage. A report was issued and we informed them about our earlier report JFKAF 48844. At this point we were convinced that our baggage should arrive soon.

    On 23rd of December our hotel in Negril helped us to contact Air France and Montego Bay airport as an attempt to get some information about our missing baggage. Unfortunately nobody at Air France or any staff at Montego Bay airport knew anything about our baggage. Once again we had to try to find some summer clothes. At this small place there was hardly anything to buy and we really wanted our own clothes desperately. We had to buy something to change into and the receipt from the taxi and the clothes we bought is inserted in a file.

    From December 23rd until December 29th we continued to contact Air France. Relatives and friends also contacted Air France every day to try to get some information. Every day we thought that our baggage was going to arrive the “next day”.

    We had big plans for our visit in Jamaica including excursions, using the hotel facilities like their sports centre and nice meals out. All these things we had to cancel due to our missing clothes and shoes. The hotel all-inclusive restaurant had a dress code and did not let us in. This was because all the shops had to sell was beach clothes. We also had to cancel our plans for Christmas evening, which we really had been looking forward to! So, during our whole stay in Jamaica Air France could not deliver our bags to us. Every day during our Montego Bay visit (25th to 28th) we went to the airport to try to get some information.

    Leaving Jamaica on the 29th of December Air Jamaica check in staff wrote a remark that we were on our way back to New York and which hotel we were going to stay at. On the 30th of December early in the morning we called
    Air France baggage reclaim at JFK and they promised to send our baggage to our hotel. After our whole holiday had passed they finally found our baggage! But now we had to call them twice, at 3pm and 6pm and still no bags. Then in the evening at 9pm the hotel reception called and told us that our baggage had arrived.

    Our dream holiday became a disaster holiday. Waiting extra days at airports and extra hours in aircrafts. Never ending phone calls about baggage to Air France without success. Our Christmas celebration became a big, big disappointment. This holiday became an emotional as well as time wasting experience due to all the delays and the missing baggage. It was impossible to find any clothes to wear, this was extremely stressful.

    This also led to a much higher cost for us, calling from mobile phones, text messages and the cost for internet access. We had to spend our holiday time rebooking flight tickets and baggage hunting.

    Below is our itinerary:
    20th Dec flight to Amsterdam, 1330 cancelled
    flight KL1156
    20th Dec flight to Amsterdam, 1030 technical problem, cancelled
    flight KL1154
    21st Dec flight to CDG, 3 hours delay
    flight AF3219
    21st Dec flight CDG to JFK, 4 hours delay
    flight AF006
    22nd Dec rebooked new flights information in text above.

    We claim compensation for our holiday in Jamaica. Our holiday became useless and very, very stressful for us.
    Cost airtickets Swedish krona 26 362 SEK
    Hotell Jamaica Swedish krona 15871 SEK
    Receipts for taxi, toiletry necessities, and some clothes are inserted.

    Maria Henriksson Alex Bergström
    070-225 09 43 070-693 24 44
    email: alex at klurig dot com

  5. I have sent several tweets to the KLM customer service twitter account. It is my hope that they will read these messages and contact everyone with terrible experiences.

    If you have posted and receive a resolution, plus update us! I would like to know if KLM does have service at all.

    Best of Luck.

  6. I, olagbuji Olugbenga of Ref no LCYKL17287/26DEC09/0912GMT board KLM, Royal Dutch Airline from Toronto Canada on the 25th December to attend my son naming ceremony at London. Due to some delay could not collect my Luggage on the 26th of december at LOndon City Airport.
    On the 2nd of December, Bought 2 travel ticket with my partner to London City Airport. We got there at 12:30 and was told the staff close early for that day.
    On the 5th of December, took a cab to London City Airport to pick up my bags, Meet with one KLM staff named Gary, she gave me the courier service phone no, and told me the bags will be deliver that day or the next day.
    I made several call to the courier service and also drop several messages on their answering machine, but no reply.
    On the 7th of January, took a cab to the London City Airport to collect my bags. Meet a staff whom after parsuation deceided to give me the courier service address.
    I took a cab to the courier service office at 324 kensal Road Westend W10 5BZ where i finally collect my bags.
    Due to this unforseen events, KLM made my stay in Londonfor Christmas a disaster, waiting all day for my bags
    Please contact me thru my email address colagbuji@yahoo.com

  7. I have been told that my complaint about my missing bag is going to be followed by the company and my lost bag at your airlines will be traced till found. Now my site at internet where I wrote the complaint is terminated and I have not been contacted by anyone… this as a note started 25 October 2009. I will keep following my claim so please reply and if more descriptions needed I have the twin of the lost bag. Number of reference was CAI KL 12423. The KLM office here in Cairo sent me 700 dollars although my bag empty costs 300 dollars. Contact me at this Email or 0020105267284 thank you.you told me from 10 days back you will inform me within 2:3 days but nobody contact me yet…WHERE IS THE CREDABILITY???
    I am waiting for your comment .if you have website for lost baggage you founded just tell me.my e-mail is:

  8. Whom it may concern

    I cant believe that since the 10Th of may i got into Nigeria i have not found 3 of my luggages, I have gone to the airport in Lagos severally and have also been to your Victoria Island office ,made calls to your Portharcourt office with no results, the 2 luggages you said have been sent have n

  9. hallo klm…..from 27/09/2010 till today 25/12/2010 i have so many e-mails and also send origanal documents by post from spainon26/11/2010 to klm-europe ,baggage claim centre in paris but till now nobody from klm answer me.myclaim no.4694370001, klm it is ur duty 2 inform us regarding my 2 baggages or cliam. answer me if u….. e-mail ajay500@hotmail.com

  10. As an FYI to all of you commenting, I am NOT affiliated with KLM nor involved with KLM in any way.

    If you want your problem solved, you will have to keep trying to contact them.

    Good luck.

  11. Hi Sapphire,
    Do you know that this website is the only place in the whole web that has a klm customer service email address? I really appreciate your help, and find it real creepy when companies are actively “cleaning” the web. Thanks!

  12. I don’t know why KLM is still allowed to fly with all the inefficiencies and disservices they do to their passengers. I am left without my luggage for 4 days now, and I am only here for 6 days…They are a terrible airline. I have to fly them on my way back as I have a return ticket. After this, no more KLM for me. They suck big time!

  13. I have lost my baggages since August 15,2012 in Marseille France. Submitted all Documents in the KLM Philippines, speak with the staff and again submitted the complete documents. I was given cel. nos but all concversations were useless Please check my reference no MRSAF 98272, may be you could help me !
    You are the best Airline in the world!!

  14. People, I am not KLM Airlines. I am NOT KLM Customer Service.

    Let’s say that all together, this blog is NOT KLM AIRLINES.



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