Moving to Sweden? Online Resources

If you are new to Sweden or need some information about Sweden, here are some online resources and communities to check out:

Bloggalicious: Welcome to Sweden. A personal blog run by the talented Hairy Swede. His blog will make you laugh, cry, and scream all at the same time about living in Sweden. Also check out the Swedish blogroll, there are all my favorite blogs written by expats and Swedes.

Swedish community/ Facebooking equivalent: Community of Sweden – CoS is a place for people already living in Sweden to share their stories, photos, and even posts about Sweden. It is like Facebook but simpler to use. Once you arrive here, join the community. Some of their services don’t work well, like Photo uploading or html tags, even though they say they do.

Forum about living in Sweden: Swedish Forum – Need quick questions answered? Real life issues are discussed here. They’re all very nice people and good source for information.

This short list should get you started when looking for Swedish online communities.  Be active and share your experiences as well as ask questions to fellow members.

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