Swedish Swedos and Stekare Stockholmers

I have no idea why Stockholm men wear a ton of hair gel. The average Stockholm male uses 9 containers of gel and the average cost per bottle is 230SEK. That’s a lot of gel, enough to electrify an entire heard of horse I bet.

Please men, I beg you to stop the madness. This slicked back, supergel’ed hair is just not cool. Remember the group on Facebook relating to Crocks, “you look so fucking stupid with those shoes on”? This is the same thing. In Swedish we call it “stekare” and I define it as those skinny guys with long slicked hair, Armani eyewear, and virtual ipods playing GLAMOROUS in their ears. And they bounce when they walk down the street.

Still need a visual image? Here are a few:

The Swedos are invading
The Swedos are invading

A little too much sun or bodybuilding tanner
A little too much sun or bodybuilding tanner

Now crazy swedes
Now crazy swedes

Self portrait of a Swede
Amazing self portrait of a Swede’s reflection
From Steelth via Flickr

Stureplan boys eating
Don’t they just look full of themselves
From medvinen via Flickr

Swedish men out there, take heed, take notice, please do not overdo yourself like a peacock. You might think you’re cool in Stureplan with those awesome sunglasses and the ability to buy a drink at Sturehof, but frankly it’s just stupid looking. I love well dressed men, but I hate cocky looking men.

10 thoughts on “Swedish Swedos and Stekare Stockholmers”

  1. Not to mention how HORRIBLE their favourite product, Fudge, smells. Yuck! It’s a sweet, heavy smell – just gross. And also – you can’t bring men like that anywhere – I worry they’d ruin the upholstry on my sofa by leaning back, thus smearing their goo all over it. Oh, and you can’t see out of the window at the bus when someone with grease in his hair has been sitting there before you, resting his head (no doubt very heavy, with all that stuff in it) on the window. Sigh.

  2. I’ve noticed lots of “stekare” when I was in Stockholm last year and I was quite surprised because their gel usage wasn’t really that “lagom”, and their useless display of richness too. Are they so diffused in Stockholm or they’re just a restricted group of yuppie-wannabes that everybody else mock, like you do? If Sweden is full of them I’ll have to reconsider my huge consideration for its population…well not reconsider at all, but at least a little eheh.
    Nice blog by the way, but you should post something about swedish girls too, we’re curious! eheh

    cheers from Italy.

  3. Well at least Sweedos aren’t as extreme as Guidos, but the whole Sweedo/stekar attitude is pathetic to the point of hilarity.
    Where Guidos try to impress with ther mob connections and gangster affiliations, Sweedos try to flaunt and flag their parents money

    There is absolutely no shame in living off your parents in Sweden which makes the average stekare completely exposed and insecure as they face independence outside of Sweden. I met a couple of stekare/Swedoos in LA and just watching them try to blend in the nightlife would make anyone cringe. The desperate need of attention, the sleazy ways of approaching ladies, the excessive drinking, the fright of someone actually TALKING to them and the blank look of despair in their eyes at the end of the night is priceless.

    Then of course they’re kings in their own backyard and the females who usually flock around them in bars and nightclubs in Sweden are often even more shallow and pitiable than they are.

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