The 2009 Stockholm Marathon

The 2009 Stockholm Marathon is today and I nearly forgot about it. Thank you to Fredrik for posting something on Twitter this morning. The marathon is one of the largest in the world, at 18,500 runners. And environmentally friendly too; cups and other items are biodegradable and/or recyclable. Those running will receive a Champions Chip, a small electronic chip tied to the left shoe, to keep track of your running times.

I will be heading out with the camera, the big nikon monstrosity, and taking photos and posting them here later today. EPIC FAIL. My first camera’s battery died, so I charged it. Then I had no memory card and the stores were already closed (damn early closing in Sweden!). Then I got my small point and shoot, put the battery to charge. Popped the battery back in, headed out…and the battery was dead.

By this point it was already 7:30pm and everyone had passed through Södermalm. That was fast! No stragglers or anything. These Swedes really can run.

If you interested in heading to watch the marathon, here is a map of the route.
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Folks, this is the best chance to see athletic Swedes go all out. Honestly, most all of the runners would kick my ass any day. But that’s okay, they are also quite beautiful. So get out, grab a drink, and watch the athletic Swedes take over Stockholm.

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