The Stockholm Syndrome and the Socialist Nightmare

Socialism! Ahhhhhhh, you said the S word! Don’t say
such terrible words to us, we’re capitalists, we’re Americans, we don’t believe in socialism. And not the Stockholm syndrome either, whatever that is.

I’m not sure what it is about that word that makes people hid beneath the covers and pray to Jesus for absolution, but Americans, especially those neo-conservative ones, think socialism is akin to the devil. Maybe an exaggeration but according to our friends at Fox News, not really.

Bill O’Reilly: Do we really want to change America into Sweden?
My answer: No, because then we’d lose all those beautiful blond girls and tall Swedish boys.

The Road to Socialism

Did you hear that? Nazi Germany had National Socialism, ergo if we have socialism, the world will end!

And that’s why I love the pundits over at the Daily Show. They are a hodgepodge of completely insane people who have completely rational thoughts. Without further ado, and it’s a month late so you better see it now before it becomes so outdated, Sweden’s Socialist Nightmares.

The Daily Show’s Socialist Nightmare, Part I

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The Stockholm Syndrome
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The Daily Show’s Socialist Nightmare, Part II

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The Stockholm Syndrome Pt. 2
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* If you are wondering what is the Stockholm Syndrome, it is a real phrase. In 1974, bank robbers took control of the Kreditbanken at Norrmalmstorg in Stockholm for five days. The hostages, while victims of the ordeal, became enamored by their hostage takers. When released at the end of the standoff, many tried to protect the robbers. Psychologists call it the Stockholm Syndrome when a victim supports the victimizer because they empathize with their problems.

Truly, Swedes are crazy; hostages falling for hostage takers? Only in Sweden can you do that.

8 thoughts on “The Stockholm Syndrome and the Socialist Nightmare”

  1. Wow, I knew Fox News was heavily biased but that was just ridiculous. I have a hard time believing that anyone takes that station seriously. I mean that is just misrepresentation and perversion of facts on a level you’d usually only see in UFO mags like Fortean Times. I mean – NAZISM!?!?! Nazism was extremely nationalist and anti-communist, not by any means socialist. Why not go one step further and think of the fact that Nazis were heavily into occultism? The natural conclusion would then be that the economic reforms will lead to giant tentacle monsters from another dimension eating the White House. We have to warn the Obamas that if they don’t stop this socialist nonsense they will be devoured by Dread Cthulhu!!! ;-)

    That said, the Daily Show clips are hilarious. :-)

  2. I know! Fox News can be horribly biased. They just love to make grandiose hyperbolic statements. It’s sad that so many Americans follow that point of view too and refuse to accept other people and views.

    But yea, the Daily Show rocks!

  3. Fox News is like the Cold War and Reagan all over again! AAaaah! Run for the hills! The US has gone too far in many, many instances to back whoever and whatever is against socialism. Sadly though, most Americans are “blissfully” ignorant of all the chaos we Americans have caused by pushing our idiotic views on the rest of the world (not just in Iraq and Afghanistan). Hence the popularity of Fox News.

    What would happen if we just reflected on history a bit, our own very recent history, to draw a few lessons? The American government has supported many-a-genocidal and -fascist dictator, like Pinochet in Chile and Montt in Guatemala.

    And what about the American problem of living in excess and our broken health care system? Sweden is not the devil b/c they are different. As a matter of fact, they have dealt with some societal problems much better than we have. And since we have very little world news, thank you to the Daily Show for being a rare source of worldly education for the American people!

  4. Americans better wake up. And it looks like they finally are, from the fact that Fox News is, consistently, the highest rated news channel, by far. The government has definitely crossed the Socialism line and is heading us straight into Communism if we don’t take stock. I don’t even recognize my beloved country anymore. There is no more common sense and everything is absolutely backwords. The majority of the people don’t want this. They have woken up to Obama’s lies and agendas, but the government and media continue to ignore us. The answer lies in remembering our true history – Not the made-up stuff that they are tring to jam down our throats, but the actual, true, non-changed or edited history that shows who our founders really were and what our country started out as and was meant to be – before President Wilson’s Progressive agenda started taking root. Until we remember who we truly are, we are doomed to repeat… as we are proving here and now while walking along like drones, believing whatever the now incredibly subjective media puts in front of our plates, shamefully spoon-feeding us as mindless, idiotic, children.

    *Not racist, not violent, just no longer silent!*

  5. Yeah, Sweden does suck.
    I’ve lived here (Sweden) for my entire life, not counting a year spent in england, and it is a terrible place. High tax, expensive booze, terrible weather and a socialist regime.

    But, still, we are safe. We have been around for a long ass time, about 1000 years and counting, under this flag, we have learned that war will only tear us apart, allthough we are losing that concept to a more americanized way now that again is tearing us apart.

  6. The head sentence line “ in socialist Sweden…” just made me laugh with a sense of pity at the same time. Frankly, to call Sweden a socialist country just shows your embarrassing ignorance. I know, it hurts but sometimes the reality does and has to to teach you something.

    Clearly, you’ve no clue what socialism really means and need a lesson. The Soviet union was a socialist country, Cuba is a socialist country, North Korea is too. Sweden however, is NOT and has never been. It’s a so called *welfare* state that relies heavily on a free market economy and a private industry with very little regulations. Notice the words PRIVATE and FREE. If Sweden was a socialist state, US would be one too, as US also has several state funded institutions such as public schools, police department, fire fighter department, postal service etc. It’s just that this is more developed in Sweden and many parts of Europe than in US.
    In a Socialist state however, EVERY means of production is cooperatively owned, often by the state, often run through horrible planned economy. Hence there are NO private companies in a socialist state.



  7. People in sweden are crazy. I have traveled throughout Europe, been to many countries. I loved the different cultures in every one of them except sweden. People over there are cold, quiet, emotionless, and almost robotic. I dont know whats wrong with them, maybe it is because of the socialism. Very strange place, and I never want to go back. Nobody in Sweden talks, you can sit at a train station with hundreds of people walking by and you wont hear a word for hours until a group of foreigners arrive, making some noise which makes you happy to finally see a sign of life. I think ppl there sad

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