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It is rare that I post information about events and happenings in Stockholm and it’s about time I do. Because the Swedes will be chasing after the sun all summer long there are many cultural events around the country. I was contacted by someone through Facebook to publicize a play for their group. While I am not a fan of this kind of shameless publicity, I am a sucker for artsy things.

Be sure to get tickets and check them out!

“Stepping Out Of A Dream + Us and Them”, the Spring production of 2009. A double bill of 2 one act plays.

Teater Replica
Hantverkargatan 78
Stockholm, SE
May 14th, 15th, 16th at 19.30
May 16th, 17th at 15.00

“Stepping Out of a Dream”

By Gary Clarke

Marty has finally plucked up the courage to have his neighbour Felicia ‘round for dinner. Guiding him on the bumpy road to love is Jack, a crazy Tom Cruise fanatic who knows all those sweet little nothings to whisper into a girl’s ear. However when Felicia’s alter ego, Faye, shows up, a femme fatale from the silver screen, the course of true love starts running all over the place. Two’s company, three’s a crowd, but four!? “Stepping Out of a Dream” by Gary Clarke is a cautious comedy in one act about the risky business of not only finding love but also finding yourself. And liking what you find.

“Us and Them”

By David Campton

Two groups of wanderers are looking for a place to settle. They agree to share an area of land and mark a line between their territories. The line becomes a small wall. With time, the wall is built higher and then still higher. Suspicion and mistrust grow to the point where the groups must inevitably explode in conflict. In “Us and Them”, we see how easily barriers can form, and how seemingly harmless decisions can have unexpected and destructive consequences.

Admission 150SEK
Reduced price (Stockholm Players members/ students/ pensioners) 100SEK

Tickets are out now at and 070-993 49 50

Stockholm Players’ website:

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