The Swede is Meeting the Family

It is happening! The Swede is going to meet my family in India. It is the first time for me that not only am I introducing a boyfriend to the family, he also happens to not be Indian.

What will happen?! If you are part of an interracial couple (I hate that word) or a color mix rather, what do you want to know? I am Asian and we are different from Westerners so maybe our experience this week can enlighten any of you reading the blog.

Post any questions about Asian-Swedish dating and I will get back to you all.

2 thoughts on “The Swede is Meeting the Family”

  1. Congrats but a word of caution. Even if immediate family is cool, be prepared for uncalled comments from neighbours and distant family. Just ignore and you should be fine.
    Saw you the other day at the expat meetup but could not touch base. What part of India are you taking your Sambo to?

  2. The first time I told my parents I was dating Martin, the first thing out of my Mom’s mouth was, “I bet he’s not Asian.” Luckily, they’ve warmed to the whole situation. ;)

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