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UPDATED POST: March 12th

On a side note, I am the group moderator for Lost in Translation – Sweden on Facebook.

We are going to be organizing our first expat meetup but everyone is invited.  If you Swedish or not Swedish, feel free to come by and meet others.

The RSVP is here: http://www.facebook.com/home.php#/event.php?eid=53827599874

We are happy to announce our Mashup will be joining the Stockholm Expat Group (from meetup.com).

The event will be at the same but a new location, Marie Laveau, in Södermalm. Meetup starts at 19hr and will end around 22hr. Oh, and it is Thursday, March 19th.

Feel free to comment on the page and/or join the group.  If any of you readers are interested in meeting Sapphire, me, then definitely stop by!

4 thoughts on “Expat Mashup”

  1. I’d arrived in stockholm in jan and i’ve been following your blog and HairySwede’s blog too for some time, just hadnt got around to commenting. Anyway, well, I think I completely missed the exat mashup on thursday, I’ll try and join the next one if its before june (which is when I return to India)

  2. @Calzro — Were you able to join?

    @Gomzi — Oh darn! We should be having another joint event in early June. I will keep you all up to date. Thanks for stopping by to the blog!

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