Resolutions 2009

Okay it’s March 1st and I am two months late on the resolutions. But hey, at least they are done now.

So from the Resolutions 2008, this is what I accomplished:
Find a nice guy- he’s the poor guy who is the butt of all rants and jokes now.
Learn Snowboarding- sort of did…went three times at least!
Learn Swedish- still in the process of doing so.
Get an apartment- did so by myself and now live with the sambo.
Get a job (instead of graduate school)
Pursue photography…sort of happened as well

Resolutions 2009, here we come!
Update, on a regular basis, all my blogs
Save money to buy a place in Stockholm
Put away the mini Christmas tree (yep, it’s still up!)
Continue to pursue photography
Enjoy life with the Swede

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