Dating Observations by a Swede

It’s been a long time since I had the time to write, my apologies. I have been caught up at work and then more work and then more work. Good news is that it’s getting a bit less.

But this week we have something special. I convinced my boyfriend, Þorbjörn (again, not his real name), to give his observations of Americans and American women. Since I’ve asked plenty of questions about the Swedish man, might as well learn about what he thinks of us.

Here are his Swedish opinions about us American girls:
1. The United States likes to take on the James Bond approach with girls.
2. For being such an advanced country, people are very conservative and rather sexist.
3. I always found it funny when my girlfriend would have guests staying the night, usually girls, and they would freak out if I was wearing my t-shirt and underwear at night. Do I have to be fully dressed at all times?
4. American girls like to get presents, flowers, chocolates, and all sorts of gifts and crap. They seem to want us to do the work. Well, not that Swedish girls don’t like gifts, but American chicks seem to expect it more.
5. They speak English; which yes is not a profound statement but still, I spend most of my time now speaking and understanding English.
6. American girls are more flirty. At times they can confuse Swedish guys because they are being friendly but the guys think otherwise.
7. If an event is supposed to be dressy, Americans love to get really dressed up. People are allowed to stand out from the crowd, and that’s okay.
8. I don’t get American dating. It seems that you can ‘date’ more than one person at a time, and then at some point you become ‘exclusive’ with one person. I think my life would be very complicated if I dated more than one girl at a time.
And I definitely don’t understand the three day rule. If I get a girl’s number and she gets mine, and I like her, I don’t think you have to wait three days. She can call me too.
9. It is easy to start a conversation with a stranger. When you are at a bar in the US, you can chat with the person next to you and it’s cool. Do it in Sweden and most people will find you weird.
10. American girls are just as complicated as Swedish girls. They are still women after all. =)

4 thoughts on “Dating Observations by a Swede”

  1. I would have to agree with #9 (Being a male Swedish expatriate in the US >10years). I guess the old Swede in me is still active since I sometimes look odd at strangers striking up conversations. Please stop the “Hi, how are you doing?” in the store, you don’t really want to know how crappy my day was. By now I know what the answer is………… I’M FINE!
    I agree with #8, dating more than on guy at a time? Why? You can’t make up your mind? You can’t invade Afghanistan, Iraq and Iran….. makes you sound like a slut. I never had much interest in the games that American women play (nor Swedish). They are strange and complicated, hence I opted for a foreigner, in a foreign country. Why go for an american woman in the US when you can go for a foreigner in the US. After all it’s a melting pot.

  2. Haha, the way you explained #8 is spot on. It is a bit slutty to be dating more than one person at once. And it’s a bit impatient too. Like, ‘sorry dude, you may be okay but i’m checking out the goods on another guy too.’

    And yes! You should stop running around in your underwear. :)

  3. Sapphire, I’m sorry I have to disagree,I think more running around in underwear should be had! but the only stipulation being they have to be in good condition, some holes are just wrong and unattractive.

  4. I lived with 5 Swedish men over a period of 6 months in the U.S. And they would always walk around in their underwear before bed and in the morning. I didn’t mind at all! I would nearly faint a lot though!

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