While the Cold Winter Waiting

The leaves are beginning to fall in Stockholm. And first signs of autumn are coming into force as the equinox approaches. I love this time of year. The air turns crisp, the leaves descend to the earth, and the clouds begin to hover lower in the sky. I miss the pumpkin patches and the apple orchards of the northern states; it is a part of me that makes me nostalgic every year. The smell of the air reminds me of a romantic, innocent yet changing time of the year.

As I continue my journey in Sweden, I am reminded of what I gave up to be here and what I see as part of my new home now. I miss my friends and my home environment daily and go through the ‘am i still here’ phase when walking around the city. I still feel I am neither here nor there and the autumn weather is increasing that feeling in me.

So here it is now, waiting for the winter, enjoying the air.

Trentemøller – While the cold winter waiting from Pablo Bruna on Vimeo.

2 days of film (1 hour first day at snow, 3 hrs at lake), first day i just could do 20 minutes of tape due bad weather conditions, and the second day i did 25 more minutes of tape at the lake.
was fun, but not quite done what i would wanted, anyway it is ok.

Made with sony V1U and music by the lovely Trentemøller.

Places: Embalse del yeso, Laguna Aculeo, Santiago, Chile.

1 thought on “While the Cold Winter Waiting”

  1. Aww it’s too bad you think like that, with the fall it gets more poetic, more mature than with the summer. Even the trees and weather matures. Sure it’s cold and dark, but it’s also fresh and enlivening. It strengthens the soul, it increases your focus. And the long nights give you time to think and spend time on yourself.

    *sends Sapphire a hug and a hot mug of chocolate*

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