Stockholm Asshat Landlords:

Thoroughly annoyed at the moment, I decided to vent my frustrations here. A friend was recently kicked out of her apartment in Stockholm as a second hand renter because her first hand renter (the one who owns the real first hand contract) got kicked out. He claims it was her “fault” because she put her last name on the door of the apartment (to get mail) and that was not allowed.

He now refuses to give her the deposit back. 10 000SEK. That’s nearly $2000. So anyway, I’m really upset over such injustice and he probably took advantage of her as a foreigner. Those of you who know the Stockholm housing market, it’s illegally traded, rented, and dealt with. No one is clean and the second hand renters are constantly screwed by the first hand renters.

Anyone else have asshole landlords?

Oh yes, and his email address: …I’ll be sure to post a Hitta lesson on how to look him up.

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  1. The first hand renter should’ve written the “no last name sign on the door” condition into the contract between him and your friend.

    This stuff really matters. I’ve worked as a mailman in Stockholm, and second hand renters constantly told me “deliver my mail to this door, but I can’t put my name on it”.

  2. Exactly. He did not make any mention of it. She is actually not even sure now if he in fact got kicked out or was just trying to squander the deposit.

  3. I ran into huge problems about the same situation (I blogged about it extensively, but that’s history now). My land-lord was working in the security business and didn’t want his name on the door. So there was a fake name and my name. I didn’t get any mail during most of my 6-month stay there. It was crazy. I couldn’t even use care-off address since the name was not real. When I moved away from there, I got a lot of bills and reminders with extra payment. That’s my mystery to share with you here!

  4. to avoid the problem always place a C/O adress when you give away your adress, works as this:

    C/O “the name on the door”
    your name
    postalcode and kommun


    C/O S.Ökvist
    Sam Smith
    Svedjevägen 18
    94142 Piteå

    To have a resident is always allowed.
    Renting out your flat is allowed if it ain’t stated as not allowed in the kontrakt. If you rent a flat for more than what the leasholder pays he can be kicked out and fined for the surplus he made.

    IF YOU HAVE PROBLEMS ALWAYS CONTACT the LOKAL “KONSUMENTOMBUDMAN” here is the link wright your area name/kommun in the box and hit enter to get the info on the one closest to you.

    PS if you are really pissed and know that you have payed more than the standard rent report the leaseholder to “skatteverket” (IRS) and he will be hit by the full force of the swedish bureaucracy ;-)

  5. It must be so frustrating trying to find housing in Stockholm. Has your friend been able to secure alternate housing? Is there no one to look out for the rights of renters? So surprised since fair housing or at least access to housing without being taken advantage of would seem to be something all need, regardless if they are citizens or foreigners.

  6. She should change the locks and contact Hyresgästnämden and refuse to move out. This organization is as thoroughly useless as any other in Sweden but they will delay things a bit. She’ll get 2-3 months while they paper shuffle and exchange bureaucratic pleasantries. She can also claim that the rent is covered by her deposit. If the guy holding the first-hand contract does anything at all she should file a police report. I’d wager the odds are North of 99% he will back waaay off once the cops are involved.

    Swedes may bluff and bluster but they’re essebtially powereless (and know it) and they scare easy.

  7. @AI Trader- That is a really good idea. Had we known you 8 months ago, she would hopefully tried this to at least stall that guy.

    You make a good point about Swedes being “powerless.” I think many exert their power in the wrong way, when they decide to use it, against a foreigner. And others just try to exert some sense of power.

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