Valentine’s Day and ridiculous expectations- 4 months late

Okay, it is not Valentine’s Day but I found this in my old draft of posts and figured better to published four months late than at Christmas. You might enjoy the you tube videos too. =)

This is the first year I noticed less Valentine’s Day commercials and cheesy decorations in the stores. Maybe I am not the only one who’s tired of seeing greeting cards vomiting hearts, teddy bears, and roses. Why is Valentine’s Day such a big holiday in America? Do women really want red roses, chocolates, and jewelry? Or do corporations entice the women to love them? And how are men seduced to buy gifts in the hope of getting laid?

And for kicks, here is a samplings of terrible advertisements:

1 thought on “Valentine’s Day and ridiculous expectations- 4 months late”

  1. Geneally I agree with Valentines being exploited by businesses the world over. It’s a form of intrusiveness that can be seen throughout life on any level, in any culture really.

    On one side it’s obnoxious and rude to push people into things ‘en masse, on the other, St. Valentines and what the holiday represents at it’s core is quite nice.

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