To find a Swede, don’t look in Sweden

It is a mantra I hear from many girls, even Swedish expatriate girls. A greater oxymoron could not be found; to find a Swedish boy…I must *not* look in Sweden? Yes, that is the theory. From all the women I know that have Swedish boyfriends, none of them meet them in Sweden. These Swedes were studying, traveling, working abroad when the women encountered them. Why is that? Why is it so hard to meet a Swede in Sweden *and* stick together.

Some ideas…
When in Rome. It is the case for any person removed out of his natural environment to attempt to blend with the new one. It is a tricky situation cross blending the traditional environment (the one in which he grew up) and the new one. Most Swedes I met in the US were extremely open and friendly. They wanted to meet others, travel, and integrate into American society. At parties, I would notice they would chat up girls, flirt, and if they really pushed themselves, obtain a phone number.

Alter egos.
Moving or traveling to a new place allows one to change his persona. What better way to start a new life then to be someone where no one knows you. In societies that encourage individuality, this is the perfect wayto recreate yourself. Didn’t hit on girls in bars before because your friends would laugh their asses off? Those friends aren’t here now, so do what you want.

Exoticism. Face it, the gender you are interested in your home country gets boring after a while. Seeing a lifetime of blonds or brunettes is tiring. In a new place, the native folks are now the exotic ones. It is probably a reason why British girls dig Swedish boys, Swedish boys dig Italian girls, and Italian girls dig American boys (okay maybe not true for these particular cultures but you get the point).

What does this have to do with the Swedish boys? They seem to flourish out of their native environment. A short respite from an egalitarian, equality controlled world. Whether they are in the US or France or Brazil, their new world is nothing like Sweden. They are probably more confident to do things previously never thought of before. And since, a Swede in the US is not an American in the US, they provide the exotic factor too.

The question to all the ladies out there then, how did you meet your Swede? where? who made the moves?

And for the Swedish boys out there, how did you end up with a foreign partner? And if you’re completely offended by my thoughts, I would love to hear your rants. =)

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  1. USA, Arkansas state university, fall semester 2006. We both were exchange students (me from France , him from Sweden) ;-) I was scared to leave my family for so long, to go so far … turned out.. best idea ever… :-)

  2. I met my Swedish boyfriend on a Trek America trip to Alaska. :) There is still some controversy over who made the first mood, but there was alcohol involved. I claim he put the arm around me and that we kissed mutually. He claims that the arm around me had nothing to do with anything and that I took advantage of him with my American New Yorker aggressiveness. Regardless, we were together the rest of the trip and after saying have a nice life after we left each other at the end of the trip, we continued our relationship through email, and skype and several trips back and forth. Its almost a year and we are still together despite being on different continents. He’s wonderful!

  3. I met my swed in France. We were both studying french and ended up becoming the best of friends. I still hope for something more….we’ll see. He’s back in Sweden now, and I’m back in the states. I think this entry is very insightfull!!!! Now the next one needs to be “landing the swed of you dreams, even if he lives far away….”


  4. My Swede moved to the US when he was 12 and has been here ever since. We went to university together and met through mutual friends. He didn’t know I liked him until one of our mutual friends smacked him over the head with the knowledge, then he rambled about not wanting to ruin our friendship, and then he kissed me. Talk about mixed signals, but we’re still together five years later. :)

  5. These are such awesome stories! thank you all for sharing! I look forward to hearing from more ladies…and hopefully some Swedish boys? ;)

    calling þórbjörn calling þórbjörn…

  6. So Swedes in Sweden aren’t open and friendly and they don’t want to meet people and travel? And here in Sweden nobody talks up girls at parties? OK… So by your reasoning no one in Sweden would have any friends or girlfriends/boyfriends, wifes(husbands. The Swedish people would have since long been dead if the reality would have been like you’re describing it. Here’s my “rant” or rather just my humble opinion. Remember that you were living in Stockholm which may be the capital of Sweden but no the capital of open and friendly people… The rest fo Sweden is nothing like Stockholm, at all levels.

  7. I met a very nice Swede through my work last summer (in the U.S.). We stayed in touch and a year later he very bluntly hit on me (via e-mail), then I traveled a couple thousand miles for a rendezvous, in which I had to make the first physical move. I find the shyness (or play-acting shyness) endearing. hehe

  8. After reading my comment, I realized that if I had traveled so far for an American dude and had to make the first move, I would have been pissed. There’s something about the allure of the language barrier…the weird way it makes things charming…

  9. @Gus- You raise a good point…my main reference is Stockholm, which by ways of many readers is very different from the other cities in Sweden.
    BUT, there is a certain strange element to the Swedish mating rituals. Yes, the generations continue and the Swedes procreate, but the dance is different. It may work for Swede-Swede but Swede-foreigner is very different.

    @R- Very much so! The culture/language barrier makes life much more exciting. We are willing to do a lot more for our mate of a different culture than someone who is the same. If I moved across the country for an American fellow, I would be pissed off to.

    Those Swedish boys have that je ne sais quoi allure.

  10. Well, I was not looking for a Swede or a boy at the time (isn’t that the way it works?) but we met in Amsterdam…. After dating long distance (US-Holland-Sweden), I moved to Sweden a year ago and we got married last month. Life has never been the same. Or as good.



  11. I met my Swede in college last semester and he basically told a couple people he liked me so thats how we got to talking. He was very sexy, sweet and kind. He wasn’t very shy. sooooo sexy, im so hott for swedish boys now! Tack!

  12. @dish- Congrats…that is quite wild, a true relationship spanning the globe.
    If we can pry, how was your wedding like? Was it Swedish/American…something else. How is living with a Swede different from living with an American?

    @Chase- Haha! Would you share more information about how long you two have been together, what drives you crazy about him? What is very Swedish about him? =)

  13. Sapphire – thanks! The wedding was great. It was held in Spain (because we own a villa there) and was attended by 50% Swedes/other Europeans and 50% Americans. The Swedish wedding ‘order’ is very similar to the American wedding so we didn’t need to do much negotiating on details. Smile. We were married in a Catholic church by a Swedish priest who performed the ceremony in English (as you know, the majority of Swedes speak perfect English so this was the best for all the guests).

    Yeah, Swedish boys are different in many ways from American boys but also the same. My honey went to high school and university in the states so is very “westernized” – so to speak. Since most of our ‘dating’ was in a country other than Sweden I feel like he doesn’t necessarily fit into the Swedish dating stereo-types I hear about.

    Keep the entries coming – it’s definitely interesting discussions.

    Cheers. Dish

  14. It’s a very intresting discussion. I was in the US for about a year ago and I find it easier to talk to american girls than girls here in Sweden. You american girls are more open and if the girl are more open I am more open and more comfortable and it’s easier to understand the signals you girls are giving.. Now I don’t know if this happend because I was more open because I was in the US..

    I read in another post that the swedish guys doesn’t make compliments to girls. I don’t make compliments to a girl before I know she is ready for that and understand that I really mean it. Thats because swedish grils get lots of attention all the time so that they just wave the compliment away, it just go thru them, beacause they hear it almost every day.

    sorry for poor english

  15. I met my Swede when he was briefly in my country (Malaysia) while touring Asia with friends. He’s absolutely gorgeous, and very sweet. I don’t know if it’ll continue past what we had here, but I certainly hope it does! He’s got a couple of countries left on his list still. I’m planning to traipse around Europe next year in July or August, and coincidentally (?), he says he is too. Can’t wait!

    Contrary to a lot of what I’ve read here, he approached me first, and later on, made the first move. I wouldn’t really say he flirts… he’s actually refreshingly polite and gracious and shy (no cheesy lines, woohoo!), but he made the moves that counted, and I’m definitely not complaining :D

    Then again, it could be as smek said… “The most adventurous Swedes are abroad.”

  16. smek is a smart fellow. the most adventurous do tend to travel abroad.

    do you still hear from him?

    @steffan- thank you for posting! i really like hearing from the other side. american girls are easier to talk to but i think we are more difficult to deal with…do you have other observations?

  17. Yes, smek is.

    They’re in Australia right now, so I haven’t really spoken to them. We chatted briefly on Facebook when we were on at the same time coincidentally, but that’s about it. Otherwise, no real contact. It could be that they’ve got their hands full traveling, so I’ll wait til they return to Sweden and see if he resumes contact then. No sense in driving myself nuts right now!

  18. I met my Swede when he was studying abroad at my home university. We were introduced months before we spotted each other at a college bar, and even though we disagree on who approached who first (I say he was staring me down and invading my space to the point where I had to say something to him…) we sat down to talk that night and we have been best friends ever since. It’s been a year now, and I agree with much of what I have read so far on this site: sometimes talking to him is like talking to a brick wall, you get nothing back. He’s very shy and quiet, and very slow to open up. But he’s also incredibly insightful, intelligent and the kindest person that I have ever met. My life is completely different now that I have met this man from a country I never thought twice about, and I am looking forward to learning all about his culture and language when I visit Stockholm in December.

  19. I’m a Swedish guy who met his (immigrated-to) American wife in Sweden, see it happens! She was there on a study abroad program and we met, not at a bar or social event, but the local discount supermarket. I must have been in a particularly good mood that day, smiling inwardly to myself. But if the onions hadn’t looked so old and picked-over, I’m not sure there would have been a conversation in the first place. The actual hooking-up involved some alcohol, no use in denying that.

    After she returned to California at the end of her year abroad, we maintained a long-distance relationship for some years, but 11 years ago I landed here and we’ve lived in California since then.

    We’re thinking about moving to Sweden together now, but I find the project kind of daunting and worry that the changes will be bigger and not always as positive as she imagines…

  20. I\m an Aussie girl and I met my Swede whilst I was backpacking through Europe after High School and he was doing the same. We met in Paris, we spent 3 days together, That was 20 years ago. A great marriage, 2 kids and a mortgage later and here we are in wonderful Oz, still in love and still planning trips away together.
    By the way I agree with the opinion that it\s easier to meet a Swede outside of Sweden. We lived in Stockholm for 8 years,Brrr cold people, not the slightest clue about how to relate to other human beings.

  21. I have lived in Sweden for the last nine years and all of the expats I know agree on the following: If you meet a Swede (boy/girl) abroad become involved it can be great. However, if that girl/boy then says that it’s a good idea to move to Sweden … I’d be weary. Usually it’s a sign that your relationship is not going so well and that they maybe preparing to leave you. As soon as Swedes stress out, and they stress out a lot and have low stress tolerance, they want to run back to the nanny state that they have … you’ve been warned …

  22. Well, I’ve never tried to find a Swede in Sweden, but I did find one elsewhere in Europe when we were both on vacation…

  23. Well, about me and my sweden (ha ha he isn’t mine yet lol) he requested me in this community we met. He sent me a virtual heart-shaped chocolate box and told me that I was a nice lady. then I answered to him, that I love chocolates and he said back “thats good to know”, at next day sent me a rose, and told me something about making me a bed of rose petals. he hit on me first, and now I just can’t wait to receive one of his loving messages ha ha ha. We haven’t meet in person yet, but I wonder, if this will meant to be, a dream come true or is just an infatuation, and it scares me because I cant stop thinking about him grrrrr.

    Im impressed with some stories I have read here, congrats and my best wishes for all the lucky ones who are in love and happily together with their sweden sweethears :P

  24. i am sudanese
    30 years
    i wish to wedding sewden girl
    i need to make familly and make childeren
    i have not enough sallary
    now i work in hospital in khartoum – sudan
    i gree to live with her when she need
    when you agree call me soon by tell or email
    +249 [edited]
    i will send my photo later

    DISCLAIMER by Sapphire (Admin): This comment was so funny and strange, I had to approve it. I did however edit his contact details for safety purposes.

  25. We met in Glasgow, Scotland. And started dating the next day. He definitely made the first move (as being from the midwest I was raised to not make the first move, and I still believe in that rule…partially because I’m too lazy to be bothered. hehe) He’s not from Stockholm, and doesn’t seem to fit really any of the typical male Swedish stereotypes that I enjoy reading from Expat blogs. … well… except for the hair thing…he has more bad hair day fits then I’ve ever had in my life…bahaha.

    He is the sweestest, honest, most genuine, kindest, person I’ve been with, and I love him dearly. I’m either moving to Sweden in the next year, or he’s coming to America. However, when we first started dating, even after seeing eachother daily for a month he was slow to make the commitment…after he committed…then he is committed…definitely worth waiting for.

    From what I’ve seen from him, and his friends, once you find one, they’re in it for the long haul. All of his guy friends live with their girlfriends, and are completely devoted..and are quick to move in together (which is nothing like what my friends are like at home in the US) However, this could be a Southern Swedish thing…also that they are from a smaller city…Bigger cities always seem to have more problems in the dating sense I think…maybe that’s just me.

  26. I met my Swede in Manchester, UK. We work together and spent weeks dancing a merry dance round each other with neither of us making the first move… We FINALLY managed to go on a sort-of date. It only took 3 or for drinks before he made a move :)

    That was two weeks ago and we’ve been inseparable since – he’s the funniest, nicest, most honest and genuine man I’ve ever met. Thank God for Swedes abroad! :)

    Tiny x

  27. I think Swedish men must be the most beautiful men on the planet. If only the one that I fancy knew I existed!

  28. Hi everyone

    I met my swede fiancé 3 years ago in this community site “hi5” hehe now I think about it!! It was kind of stupid cause I never trusted in “cyber-relationships” anyway, I had a formal boyfriend back then so Robert and I were only good friends, “How is the weather there” “How is family doing” here and there and well, about a year 1/2 ago we both were single =) and well we decided to “try out” I have gone to Sweden, he has come to Mexico, we are engaged and I am about to move to Sweden next October. I would have never expected that in my life! It just happened!

  29. Hi, I met the love of my life , ( swedish girl )in South Africa. She was on a 3 week university exchange program. We went out almost everyday once we met & when she left we kept in contact via skype,sms & emails. I then visited her in Sweden for 2 weeks & we travelled to London together for a week, we decided there that we want to spend the rest of our lives together , she came back to South Africa 2 weeks after London & we got engaged! , i’m in the process of waiting for my permanent residence visa & soon we will be together again.

    I wouldn’t have met her in Sweden if I was just travelling there. Sometimes life just happens & things happen for a reason.

  30. @Abby – Keep us updated on the Swede.

    @Tiny- How is it going with your Swede?

    @Kassie – Just give him a kick in the balls, he’ll know then. Otherwise, you still have lots of pretty Swedes to like.

    @Berenice- Congrats to you! Let us know how your move goes to Sweden.

    @Winston- Good luck on all the paperwork junk and welcome to Sweden.

  31. Congrats Tiny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Awww, that is so exciting and wonderful for you guys. =)

  32. I met my Swedish boyfriend over the internet on an obscure teen chat site two and a half years ago. We had been friends for over a year, telling each other about our culturally-different lives, harmlessly flirting with each other, and not realizing that we both had a soft corner for each other. Until the day when I found myself another “flirt” of sorts and my dear Swede got a tad jealous, realizing then that he did indeed feel a little more than just a feeling for me.

    Being the sweetheart that he is, he wrote me the cutest poem everrr, expressing to me that he feels something for me and that he wonders if I feel the same way too. It was a ridiculously cute gesture and since then, there has been no looking back :D

    We’ve now been together for more than a year! In the course of the year, we wrote essay-length mails to each other every single day; skyped, texted, chatted a lot; wrote real, handwritten letters to each other; he delivered roses to my school, sent me his favourite shirt, and candies; AND after six months of being together, he came to spend two weeks with me in my home (and was my first kiss ever!) :D

    We’re both just short of our twenties but we do know that we love each other and that we want to marry each other and grow old together! :)

    Love is weird. Strikes at odd moments. Makes you believe in miracles. And then… it disappears sometimes. Not all love is meant to be.

    But this one is sure as hell is meant to be!
    There’s nothing like our love <3!

  33. I met mine when he was on holidays in Argentina in 2005. We spend 6 days together, didn’t talk about the future but really enjoyed our time together.
    After some months of skype and emails, I took the more neutral step to move to England. We dated England-Sweden for a year until I moved with him to Stockholm.
    We got married in Buenos Aires in April 2009, and we will have a Swedish wedding in Stockholm 2011.
    It’s so crazy to hear so many similar stories! No wonder.. these guys are gorgeous ;)

  34. Hej igen allihop!
    I have been living in Sweden now for 6 months, not in Stockholm, in a small northern city, actually and I can say I love it. Maybe because I am still in this honey moon with the new country, with my Swede :) I dont know I just can say I have never felt this happy and I love Sweden and love the City I am in now. Yes, despite Systembolaget, shyness, crappy weather :)

  35. Kattunge – Wonderful to hear of your love with the Swede

    Congratulations Agostina on a beautiful wedding in Argentina and upcoming one in Sweden.

    Berenice, it’s always wonderful to be in the honeymoon phase. Let’s hope it lasts a long time.

  36. I met a Swede in South America sitting alone at a street cafe. Saw him walk past and thought “good-looking AND he knows it”. He had this supreme self confidence (a life of privilege) that immediately put me off. Guys who look that good have life served to them on a platter. So when he sat down and started talking to me I was initially very cold, giving him my “scram buster” vibe. Well that was unsuccessful! Half an hour later I found myself going off on a wild Amazonian adventure with a complete stranger who just so happened to be married! Big black mark. But it made me feel “safe” with him. What a croc!

    He moved into my hotel where the only suite available was a matrimonial at which point he looked at me and said “well that’s dangerous”. Needless to say, by day three with a lot of not so subtle persuasion I threw my morals to the wind and laid myself out on the platter…
    Turned out his wife and he were seperated yet still cohabiting. What the hell is that? He was looking for a new relationship yet didn’t seem to understand that his co-dependence might impede that somewhat.

    We stayed together travelling for almost a month (felt like a lifetime), in which I experienced the cold reserve, followed by bouts of drinking which brought out the “god I love everything about you” crap. Meanwhile I was falling head over heels for the incredible mind this man had. Anyway, said goodbye, cried all the way back home and knew I would never hear from him again. He is not on Facebook and when all the people we met on our travels started posting photos it just felt weird with him out of the loop so I wrote to him and sent him my pics. I was very careful not to ask questions or write anything that needed replying to.
    Long story short, we’ve been emailing each other for five months now, and no, we don’t exchange the details of our lives (or he doesn’t) we’re having this weird cyber sex relationship which just leaves me feeling frustrated and unhappy. What is the point? He lives 14,000k’s away and we have no plans to be together or anything so unrealistic and stupid. I feel like he’s using me for some cheap gratification yet at the same time I don’t want him to stop because when we do get real he always seems to understand the crux of what I’m saying. He gets me. And the daydreaming romantic in my head wants more from him. I know I’m a fool.

    Still looking for love in my own country but can’t get him out of my head. Or heart. Damn…

  37. Excuse the previous long post but forgot to say I suspect he’s still sleeping with his wife and totally playing me. Am making a pact with myself to ignore his emails in future.

    God give me strength…

  38. Hi girls and ofcourse the occasional astrey Swedish guy, :)

    It’s really nice to hear these success stories. I have a question, and I’m very curious on your thoughts/experiences about it:

    You girls who eventually got somewhat serious with your Swedes that you met abroad, how often did you keep in touch by email / Skype in the beginning? Daily, weekly, monthly?

    And what kind of contact did you have?
    * Was it personal, as in: did you share details of your lives with eachother about random silly small stuff? Were there some hints towards romance or was it strictly a friendship first?
    * Did he take the initiative for emailing / Skyping or did you have to initiate that more often?
    * How long were your conversations (as in amount of text / duration of chat / phone call)?

    I know it’s a lot of questions, but I hope you could share your experience with me. I’m asking because I have a Swedish situation of my own going on and I need some benchmarking here. Those Swedes.. ;)

    Thanks so much! Summer

  39. My Swede and I “met” almost 3 months ago through Facebook. I made the first move by sending him a friend request simply based on his Swedishness and his handsome profile picture. Sending that friend request was the best thing I have ever done. I have never been happier! Once you go Swedish, you never go back. My Swedeheart is the most amazing guy I have ever known. He’s perfect in so many ways. We have plans to meet in the future and I can’t wait.

  40. @rebaduck
    That’s so cool!! I think I added a couple of French guys based on their pretty looks on facebook a couple of years ago but nothing really came out of it.
    How did you start talking to him? did you guys just start messaging?

    I’m happy for you! yay:)

  41. @SH
    Thank you! After he accepted my friend request I sent him a message. We inboxed each other for a few hours that day, he expressed interest in talking some the next day. I wrote him on Facebook chat the next day and we talked for several hours. And 3 months later we are still chatting every day, we use Skype now because Facebook chat sucks. He was really reserved at first. He never asked me questions and I was the one who kept the conversation moving. But now, he is totally different.

  42. @Summer:
    Those are a lot of questions but I understand you perfectly lol. I hope I can still give some advice, as my swedish friend and I had nothing serious.

    Before anything else, I should say that we met in person in my country. He is the one that started sending me emails. Friendly ones. Then we kept in touch through emails, text messages, chatting and occasional phone calls.

    I’ll tell you who initiated these communication ways: Emails was 50/50, text messages was mostly me, chatting was practically initiated by me, the occasional phone calls was practically him.

    The frequency of these was between 3 and 10 days.

    The duaration strictly depended on him and his mood.

    It was merely friendship and laughter with occasional serious topics. But I should say that our frindship was based on having fun.

    Due to the long distance friendship, we traveled to each other cities a couple of times. First him, then me. Nothing serious, just parties.

    There were a couple of moments were it seemed there was something else, but it was a false alarm. We are still friends but we do not have that communication we had at first. I had to realize that there wasn’t anything going on and I backed out when I saw him doing the same.

    If I can give you advice, it would be to always be real. They love that. And that includes not changing who you are, your culture, etc. You see, I was always real and down to earth personalitywise, but I let him bring Sweden to my country, so to speak. I saw his shyness, so I took the initiative more than I should have. Now I realize that if he had wanted that from the girl, he would have stayed in Sweden. I probably should have kept my latinness alo t more and let him be the man. That would have been more appealing to him than me adapting to his swedishness lol.

    Use this as it may serve your purposes in attracting that Swede!

  43. I met my Swede on here in the USA. We have lots in common and I have been to Sweden as a teenager so that was a good ice-breaker. He was super reserved at first…first 5 dates and no kiss. I finally had to take charge! We have been together for almost a year, and although it is kinda long distance (1 hour drive), it’s the best relationship I have ever been in. He is the most genuine person, no BS at all, very attentive, and so so sweet! The cultural dating/marriage differences (Americans like to get married…Swedes don’t…Americans expect romance…Swedes are not sure what that word means) are something we are working on, but I am definitely in this for the long haul. It has been a wonderful experience getting to know him, falling in love with him, and he is my best friend for sure. Swedes rock!! (and yes, he is gorgeous!) :-)

  44. I met my Swede in England, and after one year we came to Sweden. He did behave so much differently abroad… Much more open, outgoing, relaxed.

    Here he would always call himself “my boring Swedish hubby” – actually that’s what he has made of himself, so after some time, I didn’t have another choice than looking at him like that and agree with him…

    We divorced after 5 years spent together.

  45. @JustAGirl

    That’s just so sad :-(

    I was living a wonderful story with a Swede who told me that he loved me, made it all official to finally turn round to me and stated that he had no more feelings for me.

    It just doesn’t make sense to me after the wonderful time we have spent together. I am heartbroken.

    However, I still feel drawn to come & live in Stockholm. I have fallen in love with the language and can’t help feeling compelled to move to Sweden for my own sake.

  46. I met my Swede here in the UK! He actually grew up here with Swedish mum, and is more Swedish than he thinks!!! I love him to bits and we are very happily married. Some of the stereotypes on here had me laughing out loud though! He is tall, blond, loves skiing, hard working, really into recycling, likes the outdoors, is quite shy…. and I love him. I am trying to learn Swedish now at evening classes and highly recommend to anyone who loves a Swede :)

  47. I met him here in Brazil, he made the moves, of course, after some days going around with friends and after talk a lot, things just happened… it wasn’t like a big effort but I still think that he was brave, because after some point you need to be direct and, well, we kinda would spend a lot of days together, whether his moves could work or not so it’s kinda complicated, specially because he is swedish… I think he was shy, not that smiley (we always work on this) and even with this ‘swede ways’ it was really successfull.

  48. Let me start by saying that I love reading this blog. I was reading a comment up there ^ about Swedish guys not being able to handle stress very well. So true! I met my ex-Swede while he was an exchange student here. Bottom line, we fell in love (although it took him 6 months to tell me but I was his first serious relationship) and we kinda just got lost in each other. A week before our 8 months he tells me that they denied renewing his visa and he was leaving at the end of the school year because he was graduating.. Well all our plans for the future fell apart. We cried all night in each others arms (yes, him too). That morning was the last time I saw him. He told me he loved me then a day later told me that it was too painful being together when we couldn’t “be together”, told me he didn’t love me anymore, broke up with me, and never talked to me again.. All over text because he couldn’t do it to my face. My friends were even shocked. I still don’t know what to think. -sigh- Now I only want to date Swedes.. Go figure.

  49. I thought this stories I’ve read here was so hilarious and cute. I met my Swedish friend in Aug 2012 when we were both on mission outreach together. I do understand “the look” that the women talk about here. And the fact that I was the one who made the first move was also understandable. Since then, I’ve emailed and sent text through VIBER. Getting him set up with VIBER was the easiest thing in the world. He sent me Marabou chocolates through mail and I sent him a thank you card. He is on vacation right now and I hope we will still keep in touch once he goes back home. He mentioned that he isn’t in a relationship because he knows that he isn’t ready to settle down yet. He is very sweet, kind and thoughtful. I won’t exchange that friendship for anything.

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