What to know about the Swede – Part I

An unintended consequence of finding a Swede and sticking to him, is having a monogamous relationship. The Swede I met in the US, Þorbjörn, has decided we should stick together. (Well, I agree too) Adorable, very endearing, shy, he is a perfect a little Swedish specimen.

The problem now arises that I can no longer flirt with the Swedes, Danes, Norwegians, or any boy that crosses my path. I told him it was in the name of research, for all woman out there looking for some enlightenment on the Swedish man. His response: “pfft.” We argued and argued and I gave in, realizing the blog fodder will eventually center around him. I kept quiet and was content. What could be more fun than stories of your sweetie pie?

So now, I present the Swedish specimen, Þorbjörn. =)

What to know about the Swede, part 1:

Housewife…househusband. If you tell him to go do the dishes, he goes. No arguing, no whining, it is equality in the house. Same for laundry and other household matters.

Hold my hand. I’m not for holding hands while I sleep. It is too encroaching. The first few times Þorbjörn held my hand, I was annoyed, really annoyed. I got used to it and now, I look for his hand at night.

Cuddling. He said cuddling is a really important part of sex. He finds it amusingly stupid that American men ‘turn around’ and try to ignore the women talking after sex. He believes cuddling is the solution, “why not cuddle after some strenuous activities?” Don’t think I would hear an American man say that.

The Ex factor. Þorbjörn and I went to chic restaurant in the city and ended up on what many women consider the worst conversation topic ever: the ex. Strangely, it was not horrible. I asked and he openly answered everything. Why women fear learning about an ex (especially a long term one) and men cringe at answering questions is beyond my comprehension. So be prepared to learn about the ex and don’t fear it.

More to come about those funny Swedes!

10 thoughts on “What to know about the Swede – Part I”

  1. Congrats!!!! So this is the one you met in the U.S, and when you got there he had a girlfriend? That is soooooo freaking exciting. Im looking forward to hear what it is like dating the swed of your dreams :)

    P.S. Cuddling is amazing!!!

  2. This is the Swede living in the US, without a girlfriend.

    And he’s a good sport to be the subject of blog fodder and possible rantings. Maybe we’ll get lucky and he’ll post back at us. :P

  3. A nice blog you have!
    Representing only a half of your target, a Swedish male, I’m able to laugh at the other half. Which half, you may ask :)

  4. Hi smek!

    So which is that other half you laugh at? =) I follow your blog from HS’s blog. Do stop by here more often though.

    And any insight for us ladies??

  5. Well, the Swedish male is just… different from the Finnish. Pretty much so. I’m not saying worse, just different. LOL!

    You have a nice way of putting words in order in your blog. I will definetely drop by more often.

    The ladies here are plain gorgeous. Differ from the Finns also. Absolutely so! Well, you knew that, didn’t you? :)

  6. thanks smek! oh yes, the swedish women are definitely beautiful. i must admin that i know very little of the finnish women though.

    mb- you totally gotto stop by more often!

  7. So, I myself am a bit of an Asian Scandophile like you. I’ve dated two finnish guys, one norwegian guy, a swedish guy, and now a danish guy. I have to say that while the first 3 points you make are entirely true about Scandinavian men, none of these guys wanted to talk about my exboyfriends or their exgirlfriends. In fact, I got into a lot of trouble for bringing up the ex talk with almost all of them. So the last point is perhaps particular to your man…

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