A good day

Monday was a good day; a proper good day. I found a famous music shop that sells sheet music. Because I have all my music at home I only picked a couple basics: scales book, Fur Elise, and Chopin’s Opus 69, no 1 and no 2. It was wonderful. Looking through the sheet music and feeling the music run through my fingers again. It has been six years since I last touched the piano and eight years since I last realistically played. Back at home on the piano, I learned that not all dies when you leave them. Some things will always run through your blood. You may need practice but it is always there.

I also completed my first photo shoot as a model. It was informal because the photographer, another expat American, was on his third shoot of the day and was exhausted. It was still great. I learned a lot and that I have some talent in modeling. I seem to make a good subject: beautiful and happy but evidently with expressive eyes (that evoke sorrow and deepness). Don’t know, but I would love to model again; I love dressing up and wearing costumes. Hopefully I can get another gig with a photographer here in Stockholm. [anyone looking? send me a post =D ]

And if there are any women reading this blog who looking to become expats or travel long term, I salute you. It is hard especially as a woman to leave your life behind and start anew. But it is possible. Traveling long term means not know where you’ll be when and what happens next. Hang in there and good things will come. Know there are others out there who are doing the same. And know whatever you are looking for in life will find you; let the leaves blow toward you.

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  1. I say women more so than men because society generally expects us to settle down, work, get married and raise a family. Running across the world as a single female is not accepted by most cultures; we’re seen as rebellious, untamed creatures. And maybe for ourselves we feel the pressure to settle down instead of being nomadic.

    I know the first question I have been asked after coming to Sweden is: Are you here with your husband/boyfriend? I believe that question would not be asked as often if I was a male. Take it for your interpretation.

  2. “It is hard especially as a woman to leave your life behind and start anew.”

    Why would it be harder for a woman?

  3. Of course they ask you if you are here with your husband/boyfriend, that is the only sane reason to move to Sweden ;)

  4. I’m glad you found the music shop! I went to see an American expat psychologist yesterday and I found her really kind and sympathetic. If you’re interested in speaking to her on occasion, or whenever your mind won’t stop racing and you just need to vent, I wholeheartedly recommend her. First consultation is free, and after that 600kr each. I’m sure I’ll talk to you sometime today too :)

  5. at Peter- Obviously, I am the insane one ;)

    at Kimmy- I may have to meet this lady. Good to always have someone straighten out the chaos of an expat move.

  6. If it’s a guy who asks the question if you moved with a husband/boyfriend, the motive is pretty simple… If you know what I mean, nudge, nudge.
    And if it’s a girl, she wants to make sure it’s not only her that’s too scared of moving by herself to a new country. I think people in general are scared of uprooting themselves, so they want to know if you went by yourself, and if that’s the case, they want to know how you did it.

  7. I’ll start counting the number of men and women who ask me about my marital status. Then ask the men why they’re so curious… =)

  8. I’ve been enjoying your blog ever since I stumbled upon it a week or two ago. Given that I met the love of my life while on a trip in New Zealand and he happens to be a Swede (craziest happenstance), I am planning to move to Sweden before the year is out.

    Your blog has been very interesting, humorous, and helpful to learn about a culture that I will soon be immersed in. So here I am, reading about your experience from the beginning (and I can’t wait to get to the part where you actually meet your Swede). I figure that if at least one person before me has survived in such a big life change, then so can I! So thanks. :)

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