Snowboarding: part two!

There’s no part one but at least I’m writing part two. Took off for snowboarding earlier today and arrived home an hour ago- how I am still awake is beyond me.

After initially being terrified going snowboarding a week ago at Sierra, I toughened up, sucked it in and decided I have to enjoy the ride. We went up to Boreal for night skiing. When we hit the slopes at 16h30, the bunny slope was already closed and the snow was pelting the ground. Not a great way to start a second snowboarding session, but maybe the earthly elements was exactly what I needed.

After a couple minor falls on the green slope, I really felt the groove of boarding. It was amazing; the board sliding on snow and moving with the curves of the mountain was beautiful. I never felt so relaxed in life. Fear of heights? Not anymore.

I eventually mucked up the courage to try the blue slope (part blue/part green). Daunting. High. Long lift…oyi! As usual I fell off the lift when jumping off and crawled my way to an area to strap my boots. Then I saw: a steep drop. What?! I had to get down that first? No thank you. Strapped my boots and slid on my ass I did. After ten feet, I got up and made my way down. Amazing, didn’t kill myself, didn’t faceplant (or assplant), didn’t wipe out.

And there it was. I snowboarded. =)

3 thoughts on “Snowboarding: part two!”

  1. Haha! I prefer to be a snowboarding snow bunny

    maybe one day i’ll venture to the dark side and ski =D

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