Online Dating…Part 3

Okay! I officially switched networks to Stockholm and put up a photo a few days ago. Sadly, that has not stopped weird Spanish speaking people from “winking” at me…Maybe I signed up for the Match.espana instead of sverige? haha. And, let’s not forget the 40-60 year old males winking. Ewwwww…

But! Some profile observations on those Swedish guys:
* They begin their profile description: “I’m a nice and happy fellow” Someone should tell them, we’re pretty sure they’re nice…but hopefully they are not serial killers. =P
* There’s the “athletic” photo: Skiing, snowboarding, diving, swimming, running – because we have to see their great bodies and watch them being sweaty. (No complaints though)
* There’s a “party” photo: Yes, they have to prove they can drink öl…lots of öl
* Most are at least 180cm tall. Yes!
* They love sports, music, and the museum. Wow…sounds like an oxymoron if you were in America
* They all claim they are athletic and somehow I believe them
* And let’s not forget the “dress shirt” photo- hot tailored shirt on a swede…sounds good to me
* They like smart, athletic, women [how profound =P ]

What I’m really curious about is whether the Swedish male will “wink” first or if I have to do it. Does the internet make the connection more anonymous and therefore easier to initiate contact? I sent a few “winks” and we’ll find out.

11 thoughts on “Online Dating…Part 3”

  1. Totally! I think every female and probably Swedish male (so they know what we think of them) would buy it

  2. Clearly this should just be turned into a full fledged doctoral thesis on the nuances of dating in Sweden. I’m pretty sure there’s enough to do to earn a PhD.

  3. I think your brain was obviously thinking of a swede without a shirt on… don’t worry, we all have brain lapses =)

  4. You forgot one pic – the one WITHOUT the shirt on ;) Preferably taken at home, in front of the camera. And if you’re really lucky they didn’t bother to wear any trousers..haha.

    Good luck on the “winking” :)

  5. And my brain is not wired today…it should of course be “taken in front of the mirror”. If they weren’t in front of the camera there wouldn’t be any pic…duh!!

  6. You’ve definitely got an idea for a book here – take notes and I’m sure you’ll have no problem finding a publisher for this in Sweden and/or the US – there are millions of people in the US of Scandinavian decent so I’m sure you’ve got an interested audience just waiting to read it:-) Right now it’s become so easy to self publish anyway that you might not even need a publisher…

  7. Sapphire..all I have to say is LMAO! Message me on this one… I have a really interesting thing to share with you ;)”wink, wink”.

  8. Hi, how are you?
    I started reading LiS few days ago and I find it great.
    I met a swedish guy on the internet some weeks ago and he is a nerd.(but still handsome )
    We talk via skype and he told me that he was looking for a girl to marry because he wants to start a family. He also sais that he liked me and many other things. He sent me text messages (Sweden is 12000 km away from my country)
    His behaviour is really strange. One he blocked me on skype and two days after that he told me he wanted to marry me and asked when I was traveling to Stockholm :S
    Last time we talked he told me the same thing about marriage but he didn ´t even say “good night”.
    It seems that he doesn t like to be bothered from Monday to Thursday.
    I start thinking that one day he will made THE proposal without even having told me that he appeciates me (at least)
    This boy is a mystery , could you give a piece of advice on how to interpret his behaviour?

  9. He sounds weird. Or could be a jerk.

    Don’t get too vested in him and move on. Honestly, people should not mess with your feelings like that.

  10. @Dali


    I’m a swe male in my mid 30s…

    The guy seems to be a jerk!
    Dont put up with being his weekend chat partner… As the stormtrooper said, Move along.


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