Taking Risks

It is interesting how every person decides what risks to take and how far to go; while at the same time, taking no risks in certain parts of their life.

Case in point:
My friend, LO, told me on the phone: Girl, you are insane. You’ll drive a car around Iceland by yourself, travel the world by yourself, but you won’t tell a man you like him.
Me: uhhh…that’s correct.
LO: Romance is not your life you know. If it falls apart, you don’t.
Me: I think I would rather fall off a fjord than be heartbroken, but you have a point.
LO: You are nuts.

That’s me…I rather drive the Ring Road at 3AM than tell someone I like them. I suppose by saying such words, I expose my soul. I’m such a highly independent person that those three little words (I like you) means I am setting myself up for failure. Really big failure. I rather have my car breakdown or end up 200 miles away from my destination than say such words.

Once of these days, I’ll take a risk and tell a dude I like him. Or maybe run off to another country instead. =)

[On a ridiculous Zodiac note: Maybe that is the Sagittarian in me. We travel, we are adventurous, we are dominant and intelligent, and yet we are scared of commitment. But once captured, we are loyal creatures…]

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