In memory

I attended a funeral today. My first American funeral (well Vietnamese American). It was somber and beautiful. I did not know KH well but she did intern for my group at my last job and she helped me out (a lot) on a couple projects. I felt it respectful to see her off.

(and bear with my disjointed thoughts)

The funeral procession snaked 60 cars…I wish I had my camera to shoot blocks of cars with a neon “FUNERAL” sticker attached to the front.

There truly was no greater pain than seeing a mother cry for her deceased child. And the sound of crying from a mother, reverberates through your soul. I know if it were not for other mothers holding her down, she would have jumped down into the earth.

The rain and fog were cued perfectly for the burial…just made it that much more somber.

What I learned today from KH’s death is that we have to live life to the fullest, have no regrets, and take risks. We never know what may happen the next day.

If you have a child, husband, wife, lover, or friend around you today, give them an extra hug and tell them they are important part of your life.

In memory of KH who passed away exactly 22 years after she was born.

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