Risky Business

I have decided to make a running list of all the crazy things I have done in my life. That way, if someone asks me, “what’s the craziest you have every done?” I have an answer.

Except for the first two, I have done all the things by myself. Yipee! Trouble all the way

  • Driving over 100.000 miles in 12 countries
  • Pushing 225 km/hour (that’s 140 mi/hour) on the autobahn in Europe (can’t disclose where so I don’t ever get a ticket ;-) )
  • Going from the US to country A with the wrong visa, then having the idiot airline fly me to country B (without a visa), to only go back to country A. Eventually getting to country C to go back to country A four days later with the right visa.
  • Taking the night train from Barcelona to Mardrid in standard seats
  • Driving in a whiteout in Iceland
  • Getting pissed off and driving 3.000 miles around the eastern seaboard of the US
  • Couchsurfing in Reykjavik, Iceland
  • Couchsurfing in Stockholm, Sweden (and both were males, and both were normal people)
  • Moving to France (need I say more?)
  • Going to Spain for a week. Went to train station, bought the ticket, went back home and packed and got on a train. I was pissed off and living in France at the time
  • Staying in a small city (let’s say 3.000 people) to learn a language that only 310.000 people on Earth speak.
  • Seeing DJ Tiesto in Arnhem, Netherlands perform for 8 hours in front of 25.000 spectators
  • Accidentally drive through Washington DC’s ghetto…that was not smart!
  • Driving to San Diego from SF in one day because I was…what else…annoyed
  • Getting stuck in the Paris Gare de Lyon station for the night after missing my connector train to the north. Want to meet all the real French crazies? Sleep in the train station
  • Sleeping next to a glacier (in my car) in Iceland because I did not want to pay for a hotel for five hours
  • Driving the southern section of the Ring Road (1.200 km) in 24 hours to take photos
  • Going to Stockholm for 40 hours to only realize my cousin was not going to be there
  • Going for a walk at 1am with my roommate in the mountains near Grenoble. Oh yes, and we were well lit.
  • Traveling to Costa Rica and visiting some remote town (pop. 200) for a few days (and Arenal Volcano too)
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